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For the past few months It’s been crazy busy for me.  I have been blessed to have jobs (yes I have 2 jobs now yay!). I started working at a hotel  as a Front Desk Receptionist. I worked there for 3 weeks and and an opportunity have been opened for me to work in an accounting department, even though its a term but  it will be good to my resume in the future. So far I like the company I’m working with.  Im jus praying that they will hire me after a year. haha.

Yesterday I went to my very first Pride Parade. I went there to support my good friend Christian. Ever since I am a supporter with the LGBQT community because i firmly believe each of us is entitled to whatever right we have

I really had fun. Im so giddy about the freebies that they have been handing out. After the parade I literally have 9 condoms ! hahaha. It was an  awesome event that I will try to attend every year 🙂